What Defines Streetwear?

Streetwear Is a distinctive style of casual street fashion which has roots in New York and Californian skate and surf culture. Streetwear additionally encompasses hip hop fashion, modern luxury fashion, sportswear, and techwear. Streetwear is thought to have started in the late '70s as this was the start of the wave of early hip hop. Streetwear was also influenced by the punk rock scene, echoing the "rough around the edges" style of punk rock itself.

1970s Skating Streetwear Fashion

By the mid '90s streetwear started to merge with luxury fashion as brands such as Gucci and Burberry emerged. Street fashion is currently heavily influenced by current hip hop, and street trends, however it is found in many sub-cultures. Urbanwear or urban clothing is another name for streetwear and reveals the impact urban culture such as graffiti, skate, and surf culture has on the distinctive casual street style of streetwear. Ultimately streetwear is thought of as the movement of the people it is something that is constantly shifting and changing according to the street. Black Crown Fashion prides itself in delivering all of the newest trends in urban streetwear to your door with FREE SHIPPING and dicounted prices for top quality luxury fashion. To shop the newest trends in streetwear click here: Blackcrownfashion.com