How To Make Your Shoes Look Brand New Again Full Restoration And Clean (Suede, Leather, Sneakers, Canvas, and Soles)

How To Make Your Shoes Look Brand New Again Full Restoration And Cleaning

 Washing Machine Clean

Wash sneakers in the washing machine. If you have some dirty or old canvas sneakers, you can get them cleaned quickly and efficiently by throwing them in the washing machine, just as you would any other dirty piece of clothing. You may also be able to wash some non-canvas sneakers in the washing machine, but check the manufacturer's instructions before attempting it, not all sneakers are machine washable.

Here Is The Breakdown Of The Cleaning Process!

  • Remove the laces and use a brush to remove any loose dirt from your shoes before you put them in the washing machine.
  • Place your shoes and laces separately inside a pillow case to protect the drum.
  • Put your shoes + 3-4 towels in the washing machine.
  • (EXTRA TIP) You can add some vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to the washing machine to help disinfect your sneakers and remove odors.
  • Use warm water for white shoes and cold water for colored fabrics.
  • Using liquid detergent, run the washer on a delicate cycle. Depending on your washer, the wash time varies from 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Remove the sneakers from the washer and allow them to air dry. NEVER put shoes in the dryer, as the heat may warp them or damage the glue that keeps them together.


How To Clean White Shoes

It Is highly recommended you polish your white sneakers after drying them with a polishing formula to give your shoes that extra sparkle that will leave your shoes looking BRAND NEW! 

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    • If you have embellished your canvas sneakers with paint, markers, or other decorations, avoid washing them in the machines, as the decorations may not hold up.
  • NEVER put shoes in the dryer, as the heat may warp them or damage the glue that keeps them together.

Here Are Some Shoes That Cannot  be washed in the washing machine:


• Leather or dress Shoes
• Suede
• Rubber boots or wellies


To Clean Suede:

How To Clean Suede Shoes

  1. Use a specially formulated cleaner for suede. You can't clean suede with water, as it may damage the material. Instead, purchase a suede eraser solution, which is available at most shoe stores. Use a brush to work the solution into your shoes, then brush away the excess solution with a clean brush.
    • Be sure to brush the suede in only one direction.


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    2. (Alternative) Clean Your Suede With Vinegar.
  1.  If you can't find a suede cleaner, you can try gently scrubbing your suede shoes with white vinegar to get them clean. For the best results, use a special suede brush, which can be purchased HERE:
    • If you have bad stains, blot them with the vinegar-soaked rag instead of rubbing.
    • Use a microfiber cloth or sponge to dry off your shoes after you're done cleaning.


    To Clean Leather:

    How To Clean Leather Shoes

    1. Try using toothpaste. A quick and effective way to clean leather sneakers is with a little bit of toothpaste. Simply dampen the surface of your shoe with a wet cloth, use a toothbrush to scrub the toothpaste in, and wipe the shoes clean with another damp cloth. Let them air dry indoors or outside in the shade.


    • Be sure to use white toothpaste, as colored toothpaste may stain your shoes.
    • Avoid using too much water. You just need enough to dampen the surface of the shoe and wipe away the excess toothpaste.


Wipe your leather shoes with baby oil to brighten them up, might not get rid of serious stains but is great for everyday cleaning.


Cleaning Rubber Soles:

How To Clean White Soles On My Sneakers

Quickly get rid of scuffs and marks on your rubber soles by rubbing them away with an eraser, this simple method can quickly make your soles look out of the box new.

Further Sole Cleaning: Make a mixture of baking soda, and rubbing alcohol dip a toothbrush into the mixture and start rubbing the mixture into your soles. Your soles will be back to their original state in no time.